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Motor fleet

If you have clients with two or more business vehicles (cars and/or commercial vehicles), have you considered offering them a mini fleet policy? Mini fleet provides a number of benefits, including:

  • A single renewal date and premium.
  • Lower premiums.
  • Claims experience rating rather than NCB.
  • Any driver policies.
  • Discounts for Risk Management.
  • Better renewal retention.
  • Vehicles can be added mid-term, as they fall due for renewal.
  • Directors personal vehicles can be included.
motor fleet insurance

We can offer quotations for existing fleets, or new fleets that have been individually NCB rated, with a fast turnaround.

Unlike individual policies (both cars and commercial vehicles), Fleet Insurance premiums are not increasing. This means that changing to a fleet policy could mean significant savings in premiums. Also, claims and adjustments are easier to handle for both you and your client with just one policy and insurer.

Our Fleet Policies are backed by large, name brand insurers who provide competitive premiums and 1st class claims service.

For a quotation please email your presentation to along with any Confirmed Claims Experience/NCB, your target and details of markets already approached (in order to avoid duplication).